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Todays woman is strong, independent, self-reliant and a vital part of any family, office, relationship or organization. Focus on Fabulous magazine, a quarterly publication,brings to light and celebrates the women that somehow, in their own small corner of the globe are making a huge impact. This is their tribute.
Focus on Fabulous celebrates today’s woman exposing to light the incredible talent, vision & tenacity that she brings to her community and even the world, her unseen beauty, the lives she touches, the obstacles she’s defeated & the difference she’s made around her. We are proud to focus on the countless miracles that are all around us each and every day, and set forth to encourage, uplift, inspire, educate, motivate and give back to the women that share, give and often conceal much.
With special attention to the small business women entrepreneurs, we also offer tribute to the exceptional women that are changing our world and our communities through their roles as women in business.
Male or female, within these pages we hope you will find something to inspire, uplift, encourage or empower you or someone you know. Perhaps something you see or read will bring to mind a potential candidate that you feel might be a good feature in an upcoming issue? Maybe you have a story, purpose or passion you would like to contribute? We are confident that you or someone within your circle meets the criteria that our publication represents and would like to be featured, recognized and gain exposure as a result of being a part of our publication either as a contributor or subscriber. For more information on contributing or subscribing please contact Michelle at fofmagazine@mail.com
Recurring Features include:
* Passionately Driven (Women transforming their community & the world)
* Being Fabulous doing the MAN-dane (women in a typical MAN’s role i.e. construction, welder, mechanic, etc.)
* Freedom of letting Go (stories about obstacles & triumphs and the freedom through the adversity, etc.)
* Field of View (women outstanding in their field that go above and beyond their job description and their business)


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