Tecia Crawford, Your Family Bank

Your Family Bank and the 10 Principles of Money Management are helping people take back control of their finances and their lives.

Did you know that for most people, .34 cents of every dollar made goes toward interest (mortgage, credit cards, cars, etc…), .40 cents goes to various taxes, leaving only .26 cents to live on and save for retirement…we do not consider that the American Dream!

Your Family Bank® shows you how to reduce the amount of interest and taxes that you pay out, so you can increase the amount you can save and enjoy.

We can show you how to get out of debt in 9 years or less including your mortgage and college loans, without wrecking your credit, with little to no change to what you are already spending and without going on a strict budget!  If you are a business owner this concept and principles can be applied to that as well to create amazing benefits!

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