Entrepreneur Training for Women — The Time is NOW!

Entrepreneur Training for Women – the Time is NOW!

I had a terrific conversation yesterday with an incredibly accomplished and talented woman about the importance of entrepreneur training for women. In our discussion of “why” aren’t there more women taking leadership roles in all areas of business, she made an excellent point. “Trina, we are only the second or maybe third generation where success in business is accepted. Men have had role models for generations. Women haven’t.”

entrepreneur training for women
What an excellent point. When I was growing up, there was no Oprah Winfrey. There was no Marissa Mayer. There was no Martha Stewart. The closest representation of a working woman I ever saw in media was Mary Tyler Moore (which may explain why I initially went into journalism). And Mary was not the owner. She had to run everything by Lou. Even in music, I was always aware that popular musicians like Diana Ross or Helen Reddy or Carole King has male managers. I never considered them “the boss.”

Of course, I had my mother as an example. She was a first grade school teacher. My closest aunt was also an elementary school teacher. And then a couple aunts became nurses. A neighbor was a waitress. I saw women working at the grocery store or at Sears. I saw women as secretaries. But now that I think about it, when I was growing up, I did not have a role model of a woman business owner.

Entrepreneur Training for Women Starts by Changing the Mindset

Slowly but surely, the world is changing. Today’s girls and young women see Oprah and recognize her success. They read about Marissa Mayer becoming the CEO of Yahoo. They see Sara Blakely take Spanx to global success. They see Beyonce and Tyra Banks calling the shots of their own careers. They see women on the political world stage. Entrepreneur training for women starts with changing the mindset that women CAN and by all means SHOULD be able to do anything and be anything they want to.

entrepreneur training for women

Now is the Time to Fast-Track Entrepreneur Training for Women

Here’s an interesting article from The Economist magazine about the urgency to get women up-to-speed economically. Fashion designer Tory Burch points out that women need three things to succeed in business — financing, mentoring, and entrepreneurial education. Yep, I think she’s on to something.

And here’s an article from Forbes on some of the difficulties women entrepreneurs still need to overcome. Again, they point out that access to capital and the lack of entrepreneur training is holding women back.

If you want to get involved in helping to develop and implement world-class entrepreneur training for women, I would love to have you on-board. You can help right now by becoming a Lifetime Charter Member of Mirelli Entrepreneur Training for Women. We are also recruiting strong, passionate women for our Advisory Board. Or if you are a content provider, I would LOVE to feature your training and resources to our members. Just reach out to me at Trina@Mirellietc.com and let’s see how we can work together.


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