A New Venture Begins: Entrepreneur Training for Women

Entrepreneur Training for Women is On Its Way

Welcome friends.  A new venture in entrepreneur training for women, is about to begin.  I have been passionate about helping women becoming successful in business for a long time.  My passion has now generated a vision that is so big, so bold, so NEEDED, that it overwhelms me.  But in a good way. This is going to be an interesting adventure.  I have a vision, I have a dream, I have a plan. I am going to have to depend on YOU, the woman entrepreneur, to actually make this vision a reality.  I can’t do this on my own.

So what is this vision?

Mirelli Entrepreneur Training Centers for Women

Well, in a nutshell, the idea is to create a network of physical entrepreneur training centers for women throughout the United States and the world. These centers are where women can gather to learn, to meet, to network, to access equipment and the latest technology, to get expert help, and to experience community.  Each facility will have fully equipped meeting rooms, work cubicles, computers, printers, copiers, video cameras, headphones and microphones, and more. There will be experts on-site for consultations. Imagine going to one location and being able to talk to an attorney, a website designer, a copywriter, a tax advisor, and other experts.  Oh, and each facility will also provide a child care room where moms can leave their children in a supervised environment for a couple hours at a time so they can work on their business.

entrepreneur training for women

The physical locations are supported by a strong online community and thousands of online resources.  And there’s so much more. I want Mirelli to become the trusted brand name in entrepreneur training for women.  Is that a bold statement?  Yes.  Can we do it?  You betcha.

How can you get involved right now?  Well, if you are a content provider, I want to give my members access to your best training — your best videos, your best e-courses, your best e-books, your best blog posts.  Email me at Trina@Mirellietc.com and let’s discuss how we can make this work for both of us.

Naturally, I want every woman entrepreneur to become a member.  Right now, I am offering Lifetime Charter Membership for only $50!  Yes, that’s right — $50 for a Lifetime. Once we officially launch, the price will be more like $289 for a year.  For more information on your benefits and your Charter Member bonuses, click here.  

Also, if this vision resonates with you, I am looking for passionate, creative, visionary women to join me as members of my Board of Directors, and my Advisory Board, and as staff for the initial center in Charleston, South Carolina area.  I am also looking for investors, angels, and women with connections and experience with getting big projects off the ground.

And finally, I need your help in spreading the word.  If this idea excites you, tell other women.  Encourage them to get involved. Well, that’s it for now.  Please check back often as I will be updating this site as much as I can. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.



P.S. Email me at Trina@Mirellietc.com if you’d like more information or if you have ideas and suggestions. Thank you so much for your support.

And yes, I would love to have your support as we launch.  Go here to learn more.

entrepreneur training for women

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