Entrepreneur Training in Grade School

Entrepreneur Training in Grade School

I ran across this awesome example of entrepreneur training being provided to grade schoolers.   Entrepreneur skills and ways of thinking can be taught at any age. I’m just so afraid that there’s no room for it in Common Core, but for those forward-thinking teachers and school districts who understand that the world HAS CHANGED, this should seriously be considered.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  What business do you think your first grader would create?

Learn How a Professor Teaches First Graders to be Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur training in grade school

Click here to see what professor Craig Zamery and his son Connor have started in Ohio.

Resources for youngster entrepreneur training

This list is a bit old, but there are some programs out there that are teaching entrepreneur skills to students K-12. Check out this information from Saint Louis University.

If you know of a program, please let me know.  This might be an area that I would like to explore for a future Mirelli service.

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