Five Fundamental ABCs of Marketing

Five Fundamental ABCs of Marketing

I am tired of seeing people stressing and struggling with marketing. Marketing should not be so hard! So I came up with these five fundamental ABCs of marketing. Focus on doing these five things consistently and you’ll find your marketing stress will go away.

Always Be Creating

creatingThe first of the ABCs of marketing that everyone should master is Always Be Creating. Creation is the lifeblood of marketing. You should be creating content, like blog posts or Facebook posts or Twitter tweets, or videos, everyday. You should be creating offers and marketing materials on a regular basis. When you create, think about the value you are giving to your audience. Give tips, make suggestions, share resources. The more value you create in the marketplace, the more you will be rewarded.

Always Be Connecting

The second of the ABCs of marketing that is a must-do is Always Be Connecting. You want to be continually speaking to your audience and expanding your network. One of the best strategies on social media is to reach out to people in your network who you have lost touch with and simply send a message saying “Hi, it’s been a while. So tell me, what’s going on in your world?” Keep it casual, keep it friendly. You want to know about THEM and what they might need. You want to create rapport. When they reply, ask questions, get an understanding of what their life is like these days. Do NOT send a message saying “Hi, it’s been while. Did you know that I’m now in Mary Kay? We have a super hostess special this month.” See the difference? When trying to re-engage a previous contact, try not to mention anything business related until at least the third conversation/chat unless asked a direct question.

Always Be Calling

Business woman standing outside in front of office building, using mobile phoneThe telephone is actually one of a marketer’s best friends. Calling is a lost art these days, but those who know how to work the phones often see it reflected in their paychecks. Email, messaging, and faceless chatting are all passive forms of connecting. Getting on the phone, (or Skype or Google+ hangout), is much more intimate and conveys more urgency and importance. While email and messaging and chatting all have their place, calling is by far the best way to become top-of-mind with your customers and potential customers.

Always Be Collaborating

Another of the ABCs of marketing that is often overlooked is Always Be Collaborating. You can almost always reach a new and bigger audience by joining forces with someone else. Find someone who is talking to people you also want to reach and create an alliance. Maybe you could do a joint event, or you agree to send an offer to your list while they send your offer to their list. Maybe you can begin to refer people to the other. Always be on the lookout for ways to collaborate and help each other grow. Creating joint ventures and collaborations are often one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can engage in.

Always Be Confident

confidence-quote-298x300This is so fundamental. You must Always Be Confident in what you are offering. If you wouldn’t buy it yourself, then your customers won’t buy it from you. You have to present yourself with confidence. You have to believe in your offer.

So there you have it. Five fundamental ABCs of marketing that everyone should master. Do these five things consistently and you’ll see a difference in your business, guaranteed.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. Do you have some ABCs of marketing that work wonders for you? If so, share in the comments. We’d love to know.


  1. Marketing is a never ending job. I do SEO and social media marketing. I do income taxes for locals (Fillmore, CA). I plan my marketing proactively too. Hopefully I can at some point live off my referrals.

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    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for stopping by. It would be nice to live off referrals only, but almost everyone has to keep marketing some to keep their name top-of-mind. But I wish you good luck.

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