Metamorphosis:  a profound change in form from one stage to the next

We all go through Metamorphosis.

SEE WHAT YOU MISSED?! Here’s our Snippet reel:

Master Your Metamorphosis Conference Snippets

Think about all the stages of a woman’s life:  infant, toddler, child, teenager, woman, wife, mother, menopause, senior, grandmother.  We all experience growth. We all experience loss.  We all experience trauma.  We all experience happiness. We all experience aging. All of our experiences are absorbed into our brain and subconscious mind and create our thoughts.  Thoughts become actions.  Actions become results.

Did you know you can re-train your brain?  You can.  You can change the course of your life.  You can become just as successful and happy as you want to be. And we want to share with you some tools and strategies to help you do just that.


metamorphosis conference

March 14, 2015   11:30 am to 4:00 pm

(doors open at 11 am for registration and vendor tables)

Wong’s Asian Bistro, 6601 River Ave., North Chareston, 29406

A women’s conference like no other.  Join us for a look at the struggles and insecurities all women face and how we cope and overcome. Then dig into your past and present to identify what is holding you back or blocking your progress.  Gain the knowledge and tools you need to move toward your very best self.  Leave with the affirmation and support that you are not alone on this life’s journey and confident that you CAN become what you are meant to be.

Our tremendous speakers include:

michelleMichelle Bryant, of Focus on Fabulous Creative Photography.  Photographer, author, poet, graphic designer, Transformation Artist.  You R Art. You will be riveted by Michelle’s story of heartbreak, trauma, breakthrough and triumph. She makes all women feel beautiful and valued.


Trina Johnson, of Mirelli Entrepreneur Training for Women. Her passion for helping women discover their strengths and hidden talents began as a divorce attorney seeing woman after woman feeling lost, disempowered, unloved, and beat-up by a world she could not control. She will walk us through some of the ways our past affects our present and how to find and negate some of those traumas that hold us back.

pujaPuja Desai, of The Art of Living.  A light coach and consciousness-based teacher who helps women transform through our mind – body connection. She will show us how our thoughts, emotions, and actions create stress and DIS-ease in our body and walk us through some powerful cleansing exercises to put us on the right path toward wellness — mind, body, and soul.

kaneshiKaneshi Hart, of Confident You, LLC.  Kaneshi speaks empowerment and confidence into the lives of all women.  She explores ways to silence the inner critic and build our confidence and joy.



md_glowingKEYNOTE SPEAKER: Simran Singh, of 11:11 Magazine and 11:11 Radio show. Simran is a Love Catalyst — Visionary Creative — Rebel Humanitarian.  She initiates movement into new paradigms for humanity through vulnerability, realness and loving expression.


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March 14, 2015  11 am to 4 pm

(doors open at 11 am for registration and vendor tables)

Wong’s Asian Bisstro, 6601 Rivers Ave., North Charleston, 29406


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