Mirelli Member Spotlight: Nakia White

Mirelli Member Spotlight: Nakia White

We Love to Support Entrepreneurial Women

entrepreneurial women do a lot

Nakia White is one of those entrepreneurial women that we all look at in awe. In her own words, she is “an 80’s baby, fitness addict, food enthusiast, educator, personal trainer, and quite an awesome human being.” And we agree.

Entrepreneurial Women Believe in Multiple Streams of Income

Not only is Nakia a dedicated wife and mother, but she is also a full-time high school teacher. That is enough responsibility and stress for anyone, but Nakia isn’t just anyone. She is an entrepreneur. In addition to her full-time jobs, she is also a partner in a exercise and fitness business called Balance4Life and and she is building residual income through the nutritional supplement company Advocare.

Nakia will tell you that she gets everything done because she decided to take action and she won’t quit until she has accomplished her goals. She decided that where she was wasn’t going to be where she would stay.

Here’s a little of Nakia’s story from the superwoman herself:

Mirelli Member Spotlight: Meet Nakia White

We are so proud to serve entrepreneurial women like Nakia. These are the small business owners who make a difference in the world. We encourage you to connect with Nakia on Facebook and check out her new website: Heart of a Lion.  She truly DOES have a heart of a lion!

Thanks, Nakia, for sharing your gifts and passions with the world and the Mirelli community.


P.S. We are building the world’s most comprehensive resource for daily training, advice, support, and community so women entrepreneurs do not have to build their businesses alone. We would love to have you join us.


  1. I met nakia at a mirelli meeting. I am so proud of her. I had no idea she was wearing so many hats. But that’s what entrepreneur women do. Thanks Katrina Johnson for highlighting her and other strong women, as you help us reach our success through the Mirellii Entrepreneur Training Center for Women.

  2. Hello ms nakia white im a very old friend from Charleston south carolina and my name is elmer bocanegra and just wanted u to know im very proud of what u have become in life and all the things u will accomplish.ur truly a blessing to our younger generation.much love and respect

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