Mirelli Presents: Master Your Metamorphosis conference

Metamorphosis:  a profound change in form from one stage to the next

We all go through Metamorphosis.

Think about all the stages of a woman’s life:  infant, toddler, child, teenager, woman, wife, mother, menopause, senior, grandmother.  We all experience growth. We all experience loss.  We all experience trauma.  We all experience happiness. We all experience aging. All of our experiences are absorbed into our brain and subconscious mind and create our thoughts.  Thoughts become actions.  Actions become results.

Did you know you can re-train your brain?  You can.  You can change the course of your life.  You can become just as successful and happy as you want to be. And we want to share with you some tools and strategies to help you do just that.


metamorphosis conference

A women’s conference like  no other.  

Look at our amazing line-up of speakers:


Awesome Keynote speaker Simran Singh

Simran Singh, Love Catalyst, Visionary Creative, Rebel Humanitarian. Simran initiates movement into new paradigms for humanity through vulnerability, realness and loving expression. Her Keynote will inspire, motivate and move you.

michelle Michelle Bryant, author, speaker, photographer. Her story will grip you.  Her triumph will amaze you. Her humor, her grace, her resilience will astound you. You cannot hear her and not be changed.


kaneshiKaneshi Hart, empowerment and confidence speaker.  She knows how to speak to your soul, empowering the very core of your being. You will feel empowered, emboldened, and ready to face life with a more positive attitude.


pujaPuja Desai, consciousness-based teacher. Puja will help us explore those critical brain connections and lead us through a powerful guided meditation to release our blocks, and get our energy flowing and nurturing us.


liheadshotTrina Johnson, mentor-coach. Let’s play some games and get to know ourselves and others in the room. We’ll explore ways our early childhood experiences affect our thinking patterns today and identify areas where we need to focus to live our best lives.


BrittHeadshotBrittney Hiller, the Laughing Yogi.  Her effervescent personality brings playfulness and fun wherever she is found teaching.  Laughter is the best medicine. And she brings it in spades.


Plus more than 20 health, wellness and business vendors.

Tickets are on sale now. $69 gets you the full conference and conference materials, a goodie bag, lunch, and the opportunity to connect with dozens of other like-minded women.

Don’t miss this transformative day.  Buy your tickets today.

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