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No one should be struggling to make extra money.  There are so many money-making methods, especially if you have access to the internet.  From an exploration of affiliate programs, to how to sell on Ebay, to how to create joint ventures, to listings of websites where you can easily sell your products and services, we strive to give you a catalog of money-making options so you can plug in and make money quickly.

We are always looking for good money-making information to share with our members.  If you know of something that would benefit everyone, please let us know by sending us an email to

Let’s Make Some Money!

Money, Shawn Phillips, Market America            Mirelli member Shawn Phillips loves her job. “I work with people to gain optimal health, to look good, and to achieve financial freedom. I coach others to become entrepreneurs. In a nutshell – I listen to other people’s problems and offer solutions.” Find out all the reasons why she chose to build her Market America Unfranchise Business by reading her blog.  To learn more about and Market America, visit the corporate website.

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nakia white, scentsy, moneyHere’s what Mirelli member Nakia White says about her Scentsy business: “Warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul….. to some this is a business slogan, but to Nakia White, this is how she lives her life. Nakia is a wife, mother, educator, and she’s here today as a Lead Scentsy Consultant. Through this amazing company she has been able to reach out and extend a helping touch to several women that have joined her team and followed in her footsteps of changing lives one scent at a time.”  Connect with her on Facebook  Join her Facebook group to watch for special offers and discounts.

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And let’s SAVE some Money by doing our taxes correctly.

REPLAY:  Can I Deduct It? A Review of Schedule C by Maggi Yergin, Enrolled Agent/Master Tax Advisor

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