Purple Rose Candle Wins

Drumroll please.  And the winner of the Mirelli 2015 EntrePREMIER of the Year is Purple Rose Candle.  Congratulations Jessica and Ryan Jordan!

purple rose candle

Mirelli CEO with EntrePREMIER of the Year winners Jessica and Ryan Jordan of Purple Rose Candle

Purple Rose Candle is an outstanding representative of what it means to be an entrepreneur. They were approached by their daughter, Evelyn, with a concern that she would not be able to hold a job when she grew up because of her epilepsy. Remembering that one of the triggers for seizures they discovered was a gift rosemary-scented candle, they put on their thinking caps and decided to create candles that are safe for everyone with brain disorders. Their candles are soy-based and use pure essential oils. Purple Rose Candle was born in March 2015 and is booming. Ten percent of all sales are donated to S.A.F.E. (South Carolina Advocates for Epilepsy).  To learn more about their story and to view their ever-growing product line, visit PurpleRoseCandle.com.

And huge congratulations go out to our Finalists: Michelle Griffin of Focus on Fabulous Magazine, Kathy Trill of Palmetto Kids Cooking, Shenicqua Sloss and Natasha Frasier of Bella Monroe Events, and Heather Consalvi-Suggs of Idea’NIK.

purple rose candle

EntrePREMIER of the Year Finalists: Heather Consalvi-Suggs, Michelle Griffin, Kathy Trill, Nikki Sloss, Tasha Frasier, Jessica Jordan, Ryan Jordan

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