Quit Multi-Tasking for Greater Productivity

Yes, you read that right — quit multi-tasking! It may seem completely contrary to what you have been led to believe, but running your business completely in a state of multi-tasking is actually making you LESS productive with your time.

Say what?

quit multi-tasking

Multi-tasking often wastes time and it takes longer to complete tasks than if you tackled each one separately and with concentrated effort.

Try This Hack to Quit Multi-Tasking

Here’s a simple process to go from multi-tasking to uni-tasking. First, make a list of all of the tasks you need to get done. Second, lump the tasks that have similar attributes as to the equipment or location needed. For instance, posting on social media, sending emails, and creating paid ads all require you to be on a computer (or phone) with internet connection, while doing laundry and washing the dishes require you to be at your house. Calling to make your kids’ doctor’s appointments requires you to use your phone, but it doesn’t matter what location. Going grocery shopping requires a different location from anything else. You see how it works?

Now, for each grouping, determine the time it will take to complete all of the tasks you have lumped together and what time of day would be best. Then arrange your day accordingly.

So for instance, if you have determined that you can get all your social media posting, sending emails, and creating ads done in three hours, say, from 8 am to 11 am. So at 8 am, sit down at your computer and do just that first thing — post on social media. When you are done posting on social media, send out your emails. When you have finished sending all the emails you need to send that morning, move on to creating paid ads. If you get done in less than 3 hours — GREAT! Take a break. But you HAVE to start your next task group on time, so if you have scheduled to start your laundry at 11 am, then you need to honor your schedule.

Try it for a couple weeks and you’ll start to see that your tasks are being completed in less time and usually with less stress. So quit multi-tasking and learn to concentrate on getting each task completed.


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