Where did the name Mirelli come from?

How Mirelli Entrepreneur Training Got Its Name

Since several of you have asked, I guess I need to explain where Mirelli came from. No, my last name is not Mirelli. No, it’s not some fancy Italian word that means great women (though it could).  It’s actually a name I made up. I decided to name my entrepreneur training centers in honor of my nieces, Miranda and Ellie.  Combine their names and ta-dah, there’s Mirelli.


My loves, my inspiration

And it turned out that there wasn’t another Mirelli Enterprises doing business in South Carolina and the name is not common online so there’s opportunity for specific branding so …

A legacy is born. My legacy to my nieces is this organization that will empower, educate, and embolden women for hopefully generations to come.

Mirelli Entrepreneur Training Centers for Women was born.

So there you have it.  I hope some day Miranda and Ellie will both benefit from the entrepreneur training and resources Mirelli provides.  I don’t know if they will be entrepreneurs, but one can hope. Miranda is on her way. She is already babysitting and pet-sitting and creating gadgets.  We’ll have to wait and see with Ellie, but if her Aunt has anything to do with it, she will be finding ways to make a little side money soon.

I strongly believe that entrepreneur training is needed for all women, young and older. And not just basic business skills, but the mindset and personal development that is needed to really succeed as an entrepreneur, is crucial.

I want Mirelli to be a go-to resource for women who want more in life. I want Mirelli to be a respected brand globally. I want Mirelli to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere.

Love you, Miranda and Ellie!


Want to know what we’re all about? Check out our Vision Page.

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