Adelai Brown, Be Blessed! Daily

Be Blessed! Daily is a personal development company that uses coaching and mentoring to inspire and empower women and youth to live their lives to the fullest each and every day.

Be Blessed! Daily is built on these 3 principles:

  • Get Anchored! – Everyone needs to be spiritually anchored so that they have a sturdy foundation to build positively productive lives. When you know your true source, you can tap into your power.
  • Trust the Process! – A process is a systematic order or series of steps carried out an expected end. Life is ALL about going through processes, but our success,peace and fulfillment is determined by HOW one goes through the process.
  • Take Action! – many of life’s struggles can be remedied by consistent, strategic movement. You can plan all day, but implementation of the plan brings about results. DON’T stop moving!

We use these 3 principles in group coaching and one-to-one sessions to help our clients live blessed blessed daily

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